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Speaker/s & Author/sTalk/PosterConference
Joao PEDROWORKSHOP: Are Multi-Band Optical Networks Simple Extensions of Traditional C-band Networks? (Beyond C+L band Systems: Is there a solid business core?)ECOC 2022

Nicola SAMBOWORKSHOP: Are Multi-Band Optical Networks Simple Extensions of Traditional C-band Networks? (Network Upgrades exploiting multi band)ECOC 2022

Emilio RICCARDIWORKSHOP: Are Multi-Band Optical Networks Simple Extensions of Traditional C-band Networks? (Perspective of multi-band in TIM Networks)ECOC 2022

Antonio NAPOLISPECIAL SYMPOSIUM: Simplification of Intra Data Centre Architectures With Point to Multipoint Coherent TransceiversECOC 2022

Abdennour BEN TERKI, ESR4 POSTER: Routing and Spectrum Assignment Assisted by Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Band Optical NetworksECOC 2022

Lareb ZAR KHAN, ESR3PAPER: Data Augmentation to Improve Machine Learning for Optical Network Failure ManagementECOC 2022

Mariano DEVIGILI, ESR5POSTER: Dual Time and Frequency Domain Optical Layer Digital TwinECOC 2022

Darko ZIBARSPECIAL SYMPOSIUM: Quantum Noise Limited Ultra-Low Energy Link for Data CentersECOC 2022

Darko ZIBARNoise in OFC using machine learning techniques
Lille/EPFL: 17-18 November 2021, Lille, France: Optical Frequency Combs: From fundamentals to Application
Francesco DA ROSSolving photonics problems with machine learningOSA Student Chapter University of Warsaw
Francesco DA ROSMachine Learning in PhotonicsFOAN 2021
Nicola SAMBOMulti-band optical networkingIEEE Summer Topicals 2021
Sergei K. TURITSYN, Vladislav Neskorniuk, Andrea Carnio, Vinod Bajaj, Domenico Marsella, Jaroslaw PRILEPSKIY, Vahid Aref.End-to-End Deep Learning of Long-Haul Coherent Optical Fiber Communications via Regular Perturbation ModelECOC 2021
Sergei K. TURITSYN, Jaroslaw PRILEPSKIY, Egor Sedov, Pedro Jorge Freire de Carvalho Souza, Igor ChekhovskoyNeural Networks For Nonlinear Fourier Spectrum Computation
ECOC 2021
Darko ZIBARMachine learning for the inverse design of optical amplifiersECOC 2021
Luis VELASCOApplications of machine learning for network control

ECOC 2021
Ognjen Jovanovic, Metodi P Yankov, Francesco Da Ros, Darko ZIBAREnd-to-end Learning of a Constellation Shape Robust to Variations in SNR and Laser Linewidth
ECOC 2021
Axel Washington, Luis VELASCO, Llui Gifre RENOM, Marc Ruiz, Implementing a Machine Learning Function Orchestration
ECOC 2021
Diogo Goncalo Sequeria, Marc Ruiz, Nelson COSTA, Antonio Napoli, Joao PEDRO, Luis VELASCOLightweight Optical Constellation Modeling by Concatenating Artificial Neural Networks
ECOC 2021
Rasoul Sadeghi, Bruno Correia, Emamuele Virgilito, Elliot London, Nelson COSTA, Joao PEDRO, Antonio NAPOLI, Vittorio CURRIOptimized Translucent S-band Transmission in Multi-Band Optical Networks
ECOC 2021
Marc Ruiz, Javier Roman Morales, Diogo Goncalo Sequeria, Luis VELASCOAn Autoencoder-Based Solution for IQ Constellation Analysis
ECOC 2021
Antonio Napoli, Johan Back, Paul Choiseul, Andres Madero, German Garcia, Arthul Mathur, Joao PEDRO, Tobias Eriksson, Warren Sande, Aaron Chase, Fady Masoud, Dave Welch Live Network Demonstration of Point-to-Multipoint Coherent Transmission for 5G Mobile Transport over Existing Fiber Plant
ECOC 2021
Johan Back, Joao PEDRO, Tobias Schaich, Antonio Napoli, Paul Wright, Aaron Chase, Dave Welch, Andrew Lord Hubbedness: a Metric to Describe Traffic Flows in Optical Networks and an Analysis of its Impact on Efficiency of Point-to-Multipoint Coherent Transceiver Architectures DOI TBAECOC 2021
Andre Souza, Nelson COSTA, Joao PEDRO, Joao PiresOptimized Deployment of S-band and Raman Amplification to Cost-Effectively Upgrade Wideband Optical Networks DOI TBA
ECOC 2021
Nicola SAMBO, Alessio Ferrari, Antonio Napoli, Joao PEDRO, Leily Sehaar Kiani, Piero Castoldi, Vittorio CURRIMultiband Seamless Network Upgrade by Exploiting the E-band
ECOC 2021

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