MENTOR Workshop (I) 2022

January 25 2022, online

In this online workshop, also Deliverable 5.2, MENTOR ESRs (2-5) presented their work and progress so far to the Consortium, including Industrial Partners Infinera Portugal and Germany, and Orange.

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Tue 25 Jan 202213-13.30 UK
Ms Li Zhang, ESR2End to End Full NN-Based FSO Transceivers Over Turbulent Atmospheric Channels
Tue 25 Jan 202213.30-14.00 UK
Mr Lareb Khan, ESR3Data Augmentation for Optical Network Failure Management
Tue 25 Jan 202214-14.30 UKMr Abdennour Ben Terki, ESR4Automation of multi band optical networks assisted by artificial intelligence
Tue 25 Jan 202214.30-15.00 UKMr Mariano Devigili, ESR5Prediction of Linear Impairments in P2MP Optical Networks via Concatenated Feedforward Anns

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